Why is Mold a Problem?

Mold is and constantly has been a part of our outside and indoor environment. We breathe mold spores (sort of like the seeds of mold) in the outdoors air every day. And because outdoor and indoor airs relate, we will be breathing some of the same spores inside. The mere existence of airborne mold spores in a home or organization is not always a problem. So, what is a mold problem? The answer depends in part on who is asking.

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Health Concerns

Some individuals, consisting of the extremely young, grownups with compromised immune systems, and individuals with mold allergies may be more conscious of mold growth and may experience illness as a result. For general information about mold and your health, check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Web website – CDC.GOV.

If you suffer from allergic reactions, you may likewise want to speak with your allergist, who can test your reactions to molds and recommend protective steps, if essential. A physician trained to comprehend your unique health profile is the very best source of info concerning mold and your health. Any mold testing or remediation company like Catstrong is a big help for molds.

Moisture Concerns

Mold problems result in wetness issues. Unsettled wetness issues have the prospective to damage your house or business. Since mold needs wetness to grow, a high mold spore count in your indoor air (or visible mold growth inside your house) may indicate a moisture issue such as a flood-prone crawlspace, a roofing system leakage, plumbing problems, or an air-circulation issue related to a malfunctioning HVAC system. A qualified expert can test your house to confirm the presence of mold, can investigate to find the source( s) of the wetness sustaining the growth, and can come up with a strategy for cleaning up the mold and preventing future growth.

Other Concerns

Mold can be an annoyance. Stinky and sometimes undesirable, mold can cause an area to appear musty, dirty, and old; no matter how neat the occupants keep it. In addition to being undesirable for occupants and visitors, these detractions can pose a problem when the office or home is up for sale, possibly postponing or avoiding a closing. Keep in mind that the State of South Carolina requires that you reveal any toxic mold in the home, or you may be liable.

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Do It Yourself May not Work

Attempting to remove mold yourself may offer temporary relief, however, unless you discover all mold growth (even growth concealed behind drywall, kitchen cabinetry, or flooring), use EPA-registered cleaning and prevention agents, dry wet areas entirely, and take actions to prevent future moisture problems, the mold is likely to return. Also, you may not know how to gown (PPE) and ventilate properly during the process to protect your health and prevent mold spores from spreading to non-affected locations.

Hiring a Professional

Before hiring a company to test for or remediate mold, the informed house owner must inquire about the tester’s qualifications and certifications, as well as years of experience performing jobs of similar size and scope. Requesting for references is likewise appropriate. Learn more about mold services.